For the most part, people just call me Zucchini.

     My work in the realm of contemporary art spans from a wide range of mediums that are meant to convey multiple meanings and styles. I am often inspired by the stress of social normalities that I see around my environment and this concept of “growing up”, which I represent through figures, facial expressions, and their interactions with architecture and design elements. I enjoy distorted ideas of form, scale, and placement within my work. It’s all a lots of stuff that sometimes makes people laugh or feel uncomfortable... or that you might see a little kid draw on the walls of their room.

    Weather its painting, collaging, or shooting with my dinky Goodwill point n’ shoots, I continue to make art in order to stay involved with the rapidly changing world around us. I am always trying to push the boundaries of my work, and its underlying message to viewers and hopefully chip away at what makes me, me.